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    This marathi manoos has truly grasped the essence of digital India according to me, this is the true technological upliftment of indian people, and that too he did without support of government or any major organisation, he built this system in some part of rural India on his own inspite of benighted and destitute conditions.
    If you do not want to watch the whole interview, watch from 17 minute mark where he has shared a video of his work, from which you will be able to grasp the gist of his work.
    where one man like him can do such a thing in harsh conditions , in a selfless manner without having any ulterior motive of gaining any monetory benefits, and on the other side there is this cesspool of corporate skullduggery who just do not give a fuck about people, and for whom this is just a motherfucking game ,but they have the means which can make this a fairly achievable task. i just feel like putting this video in a pendrive, attach that pendrive to a bamboo stick and shove it inside mark’s perky white butthole.

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    Great! Kudos.But a shorter version of this would make more people read this message. It also may be emphasized that many startups will be killed as they can’t compete with gaints initially. This leads to nipping in the bud stage many a talent and originality.

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      Kshitij Patil

      I agree, but the issue is so vast and comparitivly tough for non techie common people to understand. Hence i had to lay out the article a little wider.
      I agree about the startup part too. How will anyone new (or old) compete when they can’t even reach the common public hooked to free but restricted Internet?

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